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del ray

One of the original Del Ray institutions, St. Elmo's was established in 1996 and continues to be an iconic neighborhood fixture.


With plenty of outdoor seating and electric patio heaters, you can cozy up with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!) and choose from a selection of sweet and savory pastries, breakfast sandwiches, locally sourced yogurts and granolas, and more. 



Mon: 7:00am - 6:00pm

Tue: 7:00am - 6:00pm

Wed: 7:00am - 8:00pm*

Thurs: 7:00am - 8:00pm*

Fri: 7:00am- 8:00pm*

Sat: 7:00am - 8:00pm*

Sun: 7:00am - 6:00pm

* Open later when events are scheduled

proudly serving counter culture coffee


For more than 25 years, Counter Culture has been a pioneer of coffee quality and sustainability. Our coffee department continues to cultivate relationships with growers and organizations around the world in order to build trust, improve quality, and foster transparency.



Our full menu is always available in the online ordering section. Our menu features a variety of breakfast, lunch, and evening fare and beverages:

Pastries & bagels

Fresh fruit smoothies

Local yogurts

Breakfast sandwiches


Hot and cold sandwiches



Wine and craft beer

“We really like being in neighborhoods. We love to get visitors from out of town, and we do, but we really want the base of customers to be from the neighborhood.”


—Larry Ponzi, owner


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